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Watch these official video archives of Hermosa Valley School children addressing the Hermosa Beach City Council to ask for solutions to the problems of single-use plastic bag litter and polystyrene food service ware litter that trashes their school, city, the beach, and the ocean they care for and enjoy.

We could not be more proud, nor more thankful, to these bright, responsible, and concerned members of the Hermosa Beach community for giving up the time and taking action to do something to improve their community and protect the environment!

These 3rd and 4th graders have taken action to Rise Above Plastics and have asked Hermosa Beach elected officials to do the right thing — How about you? Please contact the your City Councilmembers and ask them to enact a single-use bag ban, and consider also enacting a polystyrene food service ware ban to help keep your city clean and our ocean clean and healthy for us and generations to come!

(Our apologies to Firefox browser users for the bug that currently may not allow these videos to play in Firefox.)
Girl Scout Troop 3925 - Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting - May 14, 2013
Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting
Hermosa Valley School 4th Grade
Girl Scout Troop 3925
— May 14, 2013
Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting
Hermosa Valley School 3rd Grade
— March 27, 2012